MAGIC's Creators

Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg has performed with numerous national recording acts. He
has worked with performance artists at Peabody Conservatory of Music and
written and performed with members of the Baltimore Symphony. He is known in Virginia as the founder of the R&B All-Stars. He is founder and President of Media Access Group, a technology company
founded in 1981 that specializes in Internet applications. Goldberg has
scored award-winning films and won a Gold Medal from the New York TV and
Film Festival of the film documentation his work in the 1984 elections in El

Eric Worden
Eric Worden is a 30-year radio broadcast veteran with a true love of
family, community and country. Eric is also
passionate about the arts, spending much of his free time writing lyrics,
playing guitar, painting or creating art from vintage games. In addition to
his morning radio show on WKOC (93.7 BOB-FM) Eric's voice can be heard on dozens of national tv and radio advertisements as well as programs featured
on cable television. As the co-creator of MAGIC, he finds the unique ability
to combine many of these passions to truly make a difference.

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