"I wanted to convey my appreciation for once again having the MAGIC event as part of Virginia Arts Festival. I feel that we should expose the talents and creativity of our youth every opportunity we get. The venue that MAGIC provides allows the fusion and interpretation of art, Music and technology to be presented to parents, friends and distant observers of our youth. The Internet is often misrepresented by the media. However MAGIC shows that when used properly it is a transportation medium that allows us as a world to share experiences, knowledge and culture. It's a wonderful gift you have given the youth, musicians and technologist that provided the show that was seen around the world."

Wayne Zinn
Goodman Technologies


"We thoroughly enjoyed the program and even more so this year. On behalf of my family (and many friends that attended) we thank you for your support. MAGIC is an outstanding community and family event. In these days of over-the-top children's birthday parties and excessive self-indulgence, it is heartening to see such an excellent program focused on diversity, the less fortunate and true heros. The African dancers made a particular impression on my children; "My Dad's Dad" (regarding WWII Vets) brought a tear to the eye to all that attended from my office at work. Please do whatever you can to support this excellent program in the years to come."

Bob Tata
Hunton & Williams


"What a wonderful night!!! Thank you for having the American Juvenile Arthritis Organization and the Arthritis Foundation involved this year. I'm excited to watch the concert again on-line! I was quite impressed, as was the audience around me, with the entire performance. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I certainly did. Technology is truly amazing and you proved how fantastic it can be. My family in Albuquerque, NM enjoyed watching it LIVE on the internet! "Understanding" is an important song that our AJAO families will sing year-round. Thanks for all you have done and the smiles."

Melissa Sharp
Arthritis Foundation


"I just wanted to thank you for the great experience us kids got to have by being in your MAGIC show! I myself, really got a lot out of it - it was an eye opener into a whole bigger world and made me so glad I have been learning more and more guitar! I think I'd even like to get into doing some lead-guitar playing sometimes, though so far right now, Tony has done that for our band, "Mile A Minute". (He was SO cool in his lead-bit in the MAGIC performance!) But I wanted to tell you that, and that I hope that I can be involved in more of your productions that come up - I really like it a lot!! Thank you! "

Cameron Houck - age 15
Virginia Beach Friends School

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