" Today all the boundaries separating different art media and styles have disappeared. Art can take any shape or form, and it often combines various media including music and movement with traditional forms of painting, drawing and sculpture. With new technologies from video to Internet, artists can share their work with vast new audiences. Often, as has been the case with MAGIC, the artist Michael Goldberg is both creator and producer. The the final result reflects the creative output of hundreds of people, not just his own. Ingenuity, flexibility and collaboration will join creativity in defining art in the next millennium."

    Barbara Bloemink, Former Executive Director
    Contemporary Art Center of Virginia

MAGIC is, first and foremost, a learning tool for the 21st Century. This unique, unprecedented program provides an innovative canvas to showcase students' knowledge, talent and creativity in:
  1. visual and performing arts
  2. cognitive thinking and computer technology skills and, best of all, it is...
  3. correlated to the Standards of Learning (SOL's) and is already proving popular among both teachers and students as a highly effective way to learn.

MAGIC's Goals
  1. Create a fresh, vibrant and creative educational process
  2. Create collaboration of artists, musicians, students and technology companies
  3. Educate and promote the Internet medium
  4. Promote the talent of students

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