Innovative Combination of Art, Music, Internet aids Teachers and Students with events of September 11

(Virginia Beach, VA) - MAGIC -"The State of the Arts", continues its innovative use of art, music and the Internet by providing a new focused education program to help teachers and students deal with the events and issues of September 11. Kids experience fears that a parent would not anticipate. School counselors have used art as a helpful tool. However, there are limited tools available for teachers, especially tools that use art, music, the Internet and are collated to SOL's. The lesson plans are supplemented with helpful information for school counselors which has been provided by REACH Employee Assistance Program in Hampton Virginia

A new song written for children specifically for the events of September 11, "Light a Candle", asks why bad things happen while providing healing for our children and our nation. Adrienne Warren, a freshman at Western Branch, and Natalie Press, a sophomore at Cox High School, sings "Light a Candle". Both students attend the Governor's School for the Arts. Lesson plans correlated to Virginia's Standards of Learning have been created for the song by WHRO and are available free to teachers as part of MAGIC's LEARNING TO THE BEAT program.

Also included in the new package are songs focusing on:

  1. "One Million People," which is about Red Cross efforts
  2. "Navy Blue" which gives voice to the feelings of the separation of military families
  3. "Colors all our Own," written for PBS's Race Initiative Program, specifically deals with current issues of Arab American and Islamic children
  4. "One Life to Live" was written for Colin Powell's Volunteer America
  5. "My Dad's Dad" is a tribute to World War II Veterans
  6. "MAGIC," the program's theme, teaches children to overcome bad times by connecting with the creative "MAGIC" within themselves
  7. "Iron is King" about events in the Civil War
LEARNING TO THE BEAT is based on original contemporary music and lyrics, accessible to children and parents. Children listen to the music and read the lyrics, which inspires student's art, poetry, dance, computer art/animation, within a fresh, vibrant and creative educational process. MAGIC's LEARNING TO THE BEATincludes innovative, flexible and easy to use tools and lesson plans (provided by WHRO, local PBS affiliate) for K-8 students and are aligned to Virginia's SOLs (and can be used by any teacher throughout the country).

All of the children's art and writings can be viewed at

MAGIC, The State of the Arts- is a successful five-year-old program that blends music, art and dance with core curriculum, is multi-disciplinary, makes learning fun and increases SOL scores. MAGIC's combination of music, art and the Internet into core curriculum allows boundless creativity. Participating teachers receive MAGIC kits. Each kit contains standards-based, lesson plans; copies of the original music compositions; words to each song; instructions and timelines for creating and submitting artwork; and information on live concerts. In order to make the Internet more "friendly" to teachers who are not comfortable with technology, MAGIC provides easy-to-use instructions and technology, which assists teachers in creating and uploading their Internet art. These kits and all songs are available on the site. MAGIC is a learning tool for the 21st Century. MAGIC showcases students' knowledge, talent and creativity in visual and performing arts, cognitive thinking and computer technology skills and, best of all, it is correlated to VA's Standards of Learning (SOL's).

MAGIC also showcases student talent as a family concert, which is part of the Virginia Arts Festival. MAGIC won the first place award for excellence in public broadcasting in programming and services from the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) Conference in 2001 and is a best practice for after- school programs in Virginia.


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