MAGIC is spread throughout the nation as the Red Cross is saluted in music video

For immediate release 10/18/01
contact: Beth Stevens American Red Cross
((757) 393-1031

Norfolk, VA. As the dust around the World Trade Center begins to settle, a very stirring music video tribute to the relief workers has been created. It grabs the heart, stokes the spirit, and salutes the many disaster relief workers who have contributed to the healing of our country since September 11, 2001.

The song "One Million People" features lyrics that are a perfect salute to America's response to the tragedy:

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    • "One million people standing at the ready.
      One million people with impassioned hearts.
      One million people waiting for a call - one and all.
      One million volunteers across this land.
      One million friends to give a helping hand.
      One million neighbors with a will to 'somewhere' people with a will to live."

    In the background, a choir chants "people helping people helping people helping people..."

    The Portsmouth/West Chesapeake Chapter of the American Red Cross hopes "One Million People " gets the local coverage that this dazzling music video deserves, before taking it to a national stage. The video can be viewed on-line at, and we encourage parents, teachers, and interested parties to view it and share its message with others.

    The song is one of several produced by WKOC (The Coast)'s morning man Eric Worden and performance artist Michael Goldberg, as part of their five-year-old award winning educational program "MAGIC - the State of the Arts." Award-winning photojournalist Aaron Pritchett produced the music video.

    "MAGIC -the State of the Arts," is offered at no cost throughout southeastern Virginia's 17 cities' public and private schools and after-school programs. "One Million People" is included on MAGIC's new eight-song program helping teachers and students deal with the tragic events of September 11. The new eight song CD can be purchased at and proceeds benefit the Red Cross. Lesson plans for each song are also included on the CD.

    Now, you can share the MAGIC with your viewers/readers, as you offer them a way to reflect on all of the hard work that relief workers have done, since September 11th. You can preview the song at, right now.

    To get a copy of the "One Million People" video to air on your newscast, or to schedule an interview with the Red Cross and/or the originators of the song, please contact:

    American Red Cross, Portsmouth/West Chesapeake Chapter
    757 393-1031

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